Founded by : Peter Awin, Alima Bawah
Launch / Founded : 2016
Industries : Farming
Founded in : Ghana
Operating in : Ghana
Region : West Africa

Introduction / Background

Started in 2017 with a simple but powerful idea; build a smart logistics platform to aggregate last-mile farmer demand for livestock products and then deliver them to their farms. “Healthy animals, happy farmers,” Cowtribe thought; it turns out they were right. 


Cowtribe is now Africa’s leading last-mile veterinary delivery company. They leverage technology to help coordinate deliveries of veterinary vaccines and other animal health products to rural and underserved communities in Ghana.  They currently work with more than 5,000 smallholder livestock farmers under our last-mile program and are continuously optimizing their demand aggregation and product delivery. 


In 2019, they expanded into upstream to provide fulfillment and distribution services to agrovet retailers in Ghana.  By the end of 2021, their goal is to build a network of 200+ partner agro vets, introduce efficient just-in-time delivery support based on real-time stock data, improve inventory management and improve the in-person customer experience. They are indeed a start-up enterprise entering a scale-up period, with plenty of excitement ahead. 

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