Founded by : Tony B. Adesina , Dipo Adesina
Launch / Founded : 2018
Industries : Transport
Founded in : Rwanda
Operating in : Rwanda
Region : East Africa

Introduction / Background

GuraRide is a public bike-share (PBS) transport system company committed to the sustainability of Micro-Mobility in Africa. Their goal is the migration of transportation using innovating technology from fossil fuel-based to other renewable low carbon transport options. 

GuraRide brings the benefits of vibrant and unique technological changes taking over the transport industries across the world. 

They combine smart bikes, electric scooters and electric bike sharing in a single -app to enable their users to choose their ride preference.


  1. Easily Accessible
  2. Ease Congestion
  3. Affordable
  4. Reduce Health Risks
  5. Environmentally friendly

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