Founded by : Kingsley Abrokwah
Launch / Founded : 2017
Industries : Finance, FinTech
Founded in : Ghana
Operating in : Ghana
Region : West Africa

Introduction / Background

KudiGO is an African fintech, retail tech and a big data startup focused on redefining consumer retail in the region by innovating around usable technology applicable to the African market and designed for the usability and scalability of the last mile retailer in Africa.


Why KudiGO

They set out to reach out and create an ecosystem where each and every individual stakeholder engaged in any form of retail on the continent can have a clear path to business growth, scale and sustainability.



1. KudiGO Storefront is a mobile-first complete retail business suite which integrates a retail engine, an accounting engine, payment processing and built upon a data and analytics platform designed for the user experience of the average African retail business.

2. KudiGo RapidGate is a product designed for distributors and suppliers who provide goods directly to retailers in sub-saharan Africa; The goal of this product is to offer this segment of the consumer retail value chain accessibility, and control of their retail and distribution network, via a solution, designed as a modularized product for their specific use cases.

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