Founded by : Thomas Pays, Mitchan Adams, and Lyle Ecksteinand
Launch / Founded : 2014
Industries : Finance, FinTech
Founded in : South Africa
Operating in : South Africa
Region : Southern Africa

Introduction / Background

Ozow is the easy, premium, automated EFT solution that can be done in seconds while staying Ozow secure. Merchants can initiate Ozow payments through a variety of payment platforms such as SMS, eCommerce, eBilling or QR Code. The customer experience is enhanced through Ozow easy, Ozow fast and Ozow secure features which ultimately benefits both the consumer and the seller.


1. Advantages

A fast-tracked shopping experience, meaning your goods can get to you Ozow much faster.

A hassle-free payment method that does not require registration nor your credit/debit card.

An Ozow secure shopping experience, due to two-factor authentication. Paying through Ozow is also more secure than paying with a credit card or eWallet.

All other payment information that the bank requires for the transfer is already populated for you, making Ozow’s payment method just Ozow convenient.


2. Protection from Identity theft

Through the Ozow secure online payments service, customers are able to keep all personal and financial information and data safe, thereby significantly lowering the opportunity for Identity theft and fraud to occur online. Ozow has experienced a 0% fraud rate since it’s inception.

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