Founded by : Daniel Yu, David Jaress, Josh Raine
Launch / Founded : 2016
Industries : Logistics, Data & Analytics
Founded in : Kenya
Operating in : Kenya
Region : East Africa

Introduction / Background

Sokowatch puts the power of e-commerce in the hands of informal retailers.


African commerce is informal, fragmented, and huge.

In Africa’s cities alone there are more than 10 million informal shops selling over $180 billion worth of goods every year. Despite their importance to local economies, these shops routinely stock out of products, have limited access to financial services, and lack proper business management tools. Sokowatch aims to transform communities across Africa by revolutionizing access to essential goods and services.


Goods When Needed

Sokowatch enables informal retailers to order products at any time via SMS or mobile app, and receive free same-day delivery to their store. This makes it easier for shopkeepers to source goods and helps manufacturers ensure that their products are consistently available to consumers.


Financing For Growth

Leveraging historic purchasing data, Sokowatch evaluates retailers to provide them with access to credit and other financial services typically not available to informal businesses.


Data To Learn

Sokowatch’s systems track real-time sales and orders across thousands of stores. Access to market trends and purchasing habits enables manufacturers to tailor their marketing strategies and allows Sokowatch to offer personalized promotions and business insights to individual retailers.

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