The Gradient Boost

Founded by : Jasmine Desvarieux
Launch / Founded : 2020
Industries : Human Resource
Founded in : South Africa
Operating in : South Africa
Region : Southern Africa

Introduction / Background

The Gradient Boost is a last mile data science upskilling platform, matching companies to talent. They enable companies to build a reliable data science, data engineering and data analytics talent pipeline of the top data talent in Africa.

They take on talent with strong data science fundamentals and upskill them through mentorship from experienced data scientists, placing them in groups to work on data science projects, building their portfolio under the guidance of our mentors and teaching assistants and gaining strong collaborative and soft skills to gain more practical experience and prove their abilities to companies looking to hire talent.

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Solutions in Africa

The solutions and inventions we showcase are geographically dispersed all over Africa from the North, South, Central, East and West regions.

we are pro-africa

Showcasing Africa's finest inventions & innovations was founded with a passion for showcasing the distinct solutions crafted for the African continent.

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