Founded by : Kenny Ewan
Launch / Founded : 2016
Industries : Content, Farming & Agriculture
Founded in : Kenya
Operating in : Kenya
Region : East Africa

Introduction / Background

WeFarm has developed a peer-to-peer (P2P) knowledge sharing platform for small-scale farmers in rural communities, which allows farmers to ask questions via SMS shortcodes and receive answers from other registered users.


The platform is open to anyone, including experts and those wishing to do business with farmers, and is available in both English and Swahili. It is approaching 50,000 questions asked on the platform, with 60 percent of its users active monthly.


Wefarm is a farmer-to-farmer digital network that enables farmers to share information via SMS. The company allows small-scale farmers to connect with one another to solve problems, share ideas, and spread innovation. Utilizing the latest machine learning technology, Wefarm’s service works both online and over SMS.

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