Ivan Mark Kyeyune – Digital Media Access in Africa

Ivan Mark Kyeyune - Digital Media Access in Africa - AfricanJournal.co - The WowFactor Podcast with Samuel Kamugisha

In this 29th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Ivan Mark Kyeyune the Commercial Director of Albayan Media Limited trading as YOTV Channels, a leading one-stop centre for the best Ugandan live Television and Radio content accessible on a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere at any time!   In this discussion, we take a deep […]

Samuel Kamugisha – Founders Library

Samuel Kamugisha - AfricanJournal.co - Founder's Library

Focused on positive global change, Samuel Kamugisha has a strong passion for positive change in the community through the shift in ideology and the use of technology as an enabler for change. Here are some of the exciting ventures that Samuel has founded. 1. The One Question Network (ONEQN) The One Question Network (ONEQN) is […]

Memorable speeches from African business leaders

Memorable speeches from African business leaders - AfricanJournal.co

Depending on the industry you’re in you might be familiar with some of these speeches already. However, there is no doubt that these three speeches which were made by three African business leaders specifically from Uganda will create a lasting and memorable impact. These are extracts from the different episodes of The WowFactor Podcast  with […]

Geofrey Mutabazi – Founding and Managing an Energy Startup

Mutabazi-Geofrey-WowFactor-Podcast-- ChargeKo Energy Startup

In this 19th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Geofrey Mutabazi, an emerging passionate leader, was the campus director for the Hult Prize at ISBAT University, the Vice Curator of the Global Shapers Kampala Hub and Founder & CEO of Charge Ko Technologies, an energy startup based in Uganda. In this episode of the WowFactor […]

Martin Tumusiime – Effective Waste Management

Martin Tumusiime - WowFactor Podcast - Waste Management

In this 26th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Martin Tumusiime a graduate of Computer science from Makerere University Kampala, a tech entrepreneur and the Founder of the UGTechMag and Co-founder of the Yo-Waste App ( a location-based on-demand garbage collection service app in Uganda). In this episode with Martin Tumusiime, we tackle the topic […]

Isaac Kanagwa – The CEO of GoldServe Uganda

Isaac Kanagwa - WowFactor Podcast - Feature

In this 20th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, Isaac Kanagwa is an International Management Consultant with an MBA from the University of Sunderland – UK, he has worked and consulted for organisations in Uganda and UK. He is also the CEO of GoldServe Uganda, a boutique QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment ) logistics consultancy and […]

Rebecca Nanjego – A Ugandan Blogger & Entrepreneur

Rebecca Nanjego - WowFactor Podcast - Featured Image

In this sixth episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Rebecca Nanjego a blogger, entrepreneur and the founder of Swap & Talk ( a safe space for women where they share their various experiences of life and equip each other ) & Thrift shop UG. In this interview with Rebecca Nanjego, we will go in-depth […]

Dr. Nataliey Bitature – African solutions for African problems


In this 16th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Dr. Nataliey Bitature is a business leader and innovator recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30, The World Bank, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum. She founded the Musana Carts, a social enterprise building solar-powered street food vending carts and HER, a […]