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Published: April 14, 2022

Dut Majak – Founders Library

Who does not know the taste of hunger in Africa?

Dut Majak’s hunger is different, he has a passion to transform life into digital and make services accessible to everyone.

Ideally, when he completes a project, you will find him on the same day planning to launch another project. To simply put it, he is a web and mobile app developer, interested in cyber security & an entrepreneur but not a businessman because making money is not his goal in every project but he does make money anyway.

He believes success takes time. So, stay focused, be patient and keep going.

Some of the ventures he has founded include:

1. Shilu ANA: Shilu ANA developed a taxi solution to assist their customers in locating the most dependable and high-quality taxi services in Juba, South Sudan, at any time and from any location. Their drivers are all uniformed and licenced.

2. Souq Juba: This is one of the largest South Sudanese online stores that offer the widest range of products in categories ranging from electronics to household appliances, latest smartphones, Cameras, Computing & accessories fashion, health equipment, and makeup.

3. Juba Cars: Juba Cars is an Auto dealership that connects buyers and sellers, matching people with their perfect car across east African countries via digital space utilising their Mobile App. Their digital automotive marketplace helps car shoppers consider choices from every angle.


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