Samuel Kamugisha - - Founder's Library
Published: November 7, 2021

Samuel Kamugisha – Founders Library

Focused on positive global change, Samuel Kamugisha has a strong passion for positive change in the community through the shift in ideology and the use of technology as an enabler for change.

Here are some of the exciting ventures that Samuel has founded.

1. The One Question Network (ONEQN)

The One Question Network (ONEQN) is a people-centric and growth-focused online platform founded in 2012 with a mission of showcasing a variety of uniquely gifted personalities that are positively impacting their communities, whether it’s where they live or around the world.

2. G-52 Inspirational

G-52 Inspirational is a music marketing agency founded in 2013 with a keen focus on the creation, promotion and packaging of content that promotes Christ and speaks life to the world.

3. The WowFactor Podcast with Samuel Kamugisha

The WowFactor podcast is hosted by Samuel Kamugisha and he hosts a diverse array of talent. Highlighting the different captivating activities that they are doing to change the world.

4. The

The, is a content warehouse that exclusively features African Solutions & Africa’s inventions. It’s also a spotlight on the founders that have taken the confident journey leading their innovations into fruition.

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