Victor Uche Obioma – Founders Library

Founder's Library Photo-Victor Uche Obioma

Victor Uche Obioma helms with over 12 years of professional experience across a host of global brands like BAT, Panalpina, Nokia & Samsung among others. On top of having solid professional experience, he is also the co-founder and Vice Chairman of Views Group Co & VicFaus Integrated Solutions (Division of Views Group Co), A family […]

Darshani Persadh – Founders Library

Founder's Library Photo-Darshani

Darshani Persadh is passionate about Education, Agriculture & the Carbon Footprint. Her exceptional work earned her the Women in STEM Award issued by Inspiring Fifty. The Venture she founded Darshani Persadh is currently the Technical Co-Founder of Tech Startup DARJYO, a tech-startup in the EMEA Region specializing in digital innovation with a key focus to […]

Nice Moreen – Founders Library

Nice Moreen - Founder's Library - Gen Organics Ltd Uganda

Nice Moreen can be best described as in awe of the world, a lifelong learner and one who is steadfast. On top of having a gift of patience and empathy, she is able to translate big picture concepts into digestible tasks that can be achieved in the present. The Venture she founded Gen Organics Ltd […]

Dr. Nataliey Bitature – Founders Library

Dr. Nataliey Bitature - Founder's Library Photo - EnerGrow - MusanaCarts - Handymen Uganda

Dr. Nataliey Bitature is a fearless social entrepreneur that eludes confidence, which spills over to her workforce. She has founded a suite of companies that include:   Musana Carts: Musana carts are street vending carts providing clean energy to legal businesses on the go. Musana carts provide access to solar energy, powering customized business features. […]

Vaolah Amumpaire – Founders Library

Founder's Library Photo-Vaolah-Amumpaire -

Vaolah Amumpaire is a professional marketer turned into a tech-prenuer, on a mission to build a scalable African solution. She is the CEO and Founder of Wena, a construction and home improvement eco-system using big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain & Machine Learning (ML) to offer its users a […]

Ogutu David – Founders Library

Founder's Library Photo-Ogutu-David-Kafunda-Kreative

Ogutu David is a seasoned, multifaceted creative, cultural enabler and broadcaster with over 12 years of experience. His experience spans working in the creative and cultural industries in the capacity of an audio engineer, graphics designer, concert manager, radio and television broadcaster, producer, photographer, talent manager, MC, and digital content creator. David wants to live […]

Dut Majak – Founders Library

Dut-Majak-Founder's Library Photo

Who does not know the taste of hunger in Africa? Dut Majak’s hunger is different, he has a passion to transform life into digital and make services accessible to everyone. Ideally, when he completes a project, you will find him on the same day planning to launch another project. To simply put it, he is […]

Davidson Okafor – Founders Library

Founder's Library Photo-Davidson Okafor

Davidson Okafor is a Nigerian tech enthusiast who is very passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems and has a very soft spot for spaghetti. He co-founded, a proptech company pioneering a new way of hospitality, using the existing hostel infrastructure across Nigeria to provide affordable accommodation to undergraduate students both for long-stay […]

Ambrose Onapa – Founders Library

Ambrose-Onapa - Founder's Library Photo -

Ambrose Onapa is a 2nd-year student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Makerere University, he has a deep passion for self-improvement, leadership, learning, and community-based change initiatives. As a young engineer, he is passionate about being part of the solution and not just benefiting from the actions of others. Being […]

Medrine Natumanya – Founders Library

Founders Library Photo-Medrine-Natumanya-Corner Butchery

Medrine Natumanya is a lawyer by profession turned Entrepreneur with a go-getter attitude. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Corner Butchery, an online meat store founded in Uganda that delivers a variety of quality meat products to its clients.   See also: Solutions from East Africa

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