Emmanuel Akandwanaho – Founders Library

Founder's Library Photo-Emmanuel-Akandwanaho - MiahUG

Emmanuel Akandwanaho is strongly passionate about startups in the transformation of the lives of Ugandans to achieve middle-income status. Proptech is one sector that he is aligned to, seeing how the Real estate market of Uganda can be disrupted for the Greater Good. He has a background in property valuation, digital marketing and copywriting. He […]

Samuel Kamugisha – Founders Library

Samuel Kamugisha - AfricanJournal.co - Founder's Library

Focused on positive global change, Samuel Kamugisha has a strong passion for positive change in the community through the shift in ideology and the use of technology as an enabler for change. Here are some of the exciting ventures that Samuel has founded. 1. The One Question Network (ONEQN) The One Question Network (ONEQN) is […]

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